Abbie Cornish showcases lavish dining room & idyllic life

‘You just described life goals!‘ Abbie Cornish showcases details her idyllic day-to-day life as she shows fans the inside of her lavish home

She‘s a well-known Australian actress, rapper and animal rights activist.

But despite her busy lifestyle Abbie Cornish has taken on another passion project – a cookbook.

On Friday the 35-year-old opened up about the work that was going into it while also giving fans a sneak peek into her idyllic life and home.

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Sharing a picture of the books she‘s using as research to , the actress detailed her day in a lengthy caption. 

 ‘I am here at home. I wake with the gentle dawning of the day and sit down at my dining table to work on the Pescan Cookbook I am writing with my best friend ,‘ she wrote.

‘On today‘s list of things to do I‘m testing our Fish Tacos, and our Persimmon and Ginger Pickles as well as reading up on Food Styling and Photography before out shoot in Spring.‘ 

And although she had quite the list of things to do, Abbie revealed she ‘wouldn‘t change a thing.‘ 

Fans branded the description of her day as ‘ life goals‘.

The picture, which showed a uniquely-shaped dining table – also gave her followers a glimpse into her home.

Abbie, who is also known by her rapper name ‘Dusk‘, is set to release her new recipe book in early 2019.

However, she has only recently learnt how to cook and shared that her best-friend and co-author has been teaching her a new dish each Sunday.  

‘I‘m a real foodie. When I travel, I always research retaurants and love seeking out good food and wine. Then one day I was like, “Why don‘t I know how to cook?”,‘ she shared.

‘I asked my best friend Jacquline King if she could teach me and we started spending every Sunday together, with her first taking me to the farmers markets and teaching me how to buy local and seasonal food.‘ 

‘We began making up recipes and now we have a cookbook in the pipeline.‘  


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