Adorable moment identical twins couldn‘t stop kissing

Sloppy sister smooches! Mother captures the adorable moment her identical twins couldn‘t stop kissing – and the Internet is in love

Everyone knows that when it comes to cuteness, puppies and babies most regularly top out the list.

This time, it‘s identical twin babies from New South Wales, who have been the latest to overwhelm the Internet.

Their mother, Georgia Hayman, shared the adorable video to her  recently – and thousands have since fallen in love. 

Georgia is a photographer for so she always has her camera on her, which meant she was able to capture this special moment. 

In the now-viral clip, the twins, Milla and Evie, are in matching pink outfits sitting on a lounge with big grins on their faces.

After each kiss, the girls can be seen giggling adorably.

Occasionally one pushes the other away, only to accept her kisses moments later. 

Although one is initiating more of the kissing than the other, they both seem to be loving it.

The whole time both of the adorable babies can be seen with wide grins on their chubby faces.

Georgia often shares photos of the adorable duo to the photo sharing app, which is a delight for her 9,000 followers.

‘I love how they go from kissing to smacking! Haha perfect example of sibling relationships,‘ one person commented. 

‘Show them this when they‘re teenagers and fighting over stealing each other‘s clothes,‘ said another. 

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