Arsenal keeper Petr Cech furious with referee Mike Dean

Arsenal keeper Petr Cech furious with referee Mike Dean for awarding West Brom a controversial last-minute penalty as Gunners drop two points

Furious Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech was given a yellow card by controversial referee Mike Dean in the aftermath of the official awarding a disputed last minute penalty to that denied the visitors all three points in a 1-1 draw at the Hawthorns on Sunday. 

The experienced Cech, who is still one match short of 200 clean sheets in the  was angry with referee Dean for penalising defender Calum Chambers for handball and giving the spot-kick.

Speaking to Sky Sports after his side dropped two points against Alan Pardew‘s side Cech said: ‘First I got a yellow card for saying this is not a penalty.

‘Every time we meet with refs prior to season and it comes to the point about when the player is close to the ball and has no chance to react it is never a penalty

‘I asked the referee why he changes this decision

‘I was not rude, I just asked the question and it disappoints me even more that he said nothing when I asked him.

‘I’m disappointed by the penalty situation and I expect when I walk to the ref with respect and ask a question I would like if he answers in a normal way, not give me a yellow card and say nothing.’

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger also had every right to be furious with referee Dean after he awarded the last minute penalty against his side according to former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.

West Brom grabbed an 89th minute equaliser through a Jay Rodriguez spot-kick on 89 minutes after Dean caused controversy by giving a spot-kick to the home side after former Arsenal man Kieran Gibbs fired the ball from close range onto Calum Chambers arms – which were in front of him.  

Speaking on Sky Sports Neville insisted: ‘That is not a penalty for me… hands are in such a natural position, not down by his side… he‘s furious, Arsene Wenger – and has every right to be.’

The former Manchester United and England right-back was emphatic Dean‘s decision was incorrect as the Gunners dropped two vital points at the Hawthorns after unsettled Alexis Sanchez put the visitors ahead with seven minutes to go.  

Neville blasted: ‘If you watch it again at full speed and there‘s no way that‘s a penalty.

‘I don‘t think they‘ll be a defender anywhere or a manager who say that‘s a penalty.’

FA rules on handball for the 2017-18 season state that: ‘Handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making with ball with hand or arm.

‘The following must be considered:

‘Movement of hand towards ball, not ball towards hand, distance between opponent and the ball, hand position does not necessarily mean an offence.‘

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