Ashley Cole‘s pregnant girlfriend Sharon Canu seen smoking

Ashley Cole‘s heavily pregnant girlfriend Sharon Canu is spotted smoking cigarette while tenderly stroking her bump at the airport

Ashley Cole‘s heavily pregnant girlfriend Sharon Canu has sparked concern after she was spotted smoking a cigarette at an airport.

The Italian beauty, who shares a 22-month-old son with the football player, was seen lighting up with her partner as they waited outside the terminal at Heathrow Airport on Sunday.

Sheathing her growing stomach in a woollen cardigan, Sharon repeatedly stroked her bump as she smoked.

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Sharon, who is sporting a sizable baby bump, joined her partner of two years for the smoke break outside before the family of three jetted off.

She placed her hand on her stomach as she chatted with her beau.

Clutching onto a bottle of water and a designer bag, Sharon looked relaxed as she spoke with her LA Galaxy player partner. 

A casually clad Ashley, who rocked a leather jacket, jeans and a baseball cap was then seen heading inside the terminal where he enjoyed a cuddle with the couple‘s young son.

Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals and cigarettes can restrict the oxygen supply to a growing foetus.

Therefore the NHS recommends completely quitting smoking during pregnancy. 

MailOnline has ed a representative for the couple for comment. 

Ashley and Sharon are notoriously tight-lipped about their relationship and have made a conscious effort to keep their son out of the spotlight.

However, earlier this year Ashley shared his feelings about parenting as he took to Twitter.

His son turned one in February, and the footballer marked the opportunity with a gushing paragraph about the joys of fatherhood, which he posted to Twitter.

In the post, Ashley was sure to firstly list all the material belongings his footballing pay cheque has allowed him to buy.

‘I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have most things I’ve wanted in life: Cars, houses, watches, clothes,‘ he wrote.

He then moved on to a nod to his childhood, which was, evidently, not an easy one.

‘Coming from East London with not a lot growing up, and a mum looking after two boys alone, life wasn’t easy.

‘So of course it’s easy to lose your way in life sometimes – to forget about the things that are most important.‘   

Eventually, he got to the point – and mentioned his son, who he had with Italian model Sharon Canu after just six months of dating.

‘Every day I wake up to the most beautiful thing I could dream of: A son that makes my heart melt, a son that never stops smiling, a son that can make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I’m in, a son that I’m proud of, a son I watch fall asleep because I never want to leave him, a son who reminded me what’s most important in life,‘ the tweet went on. 

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