Berlin Zoo station evacuated due to smoke

Smoke billows from Berlin Zoo station and passengers are evacuated as police order traffic to stay away from area

Trains were today halted from entering Zoo‘s railway station after smoke began billowing from the building. 

media reported that 15 people had to be rescued from the station after witnesses described seeing huge plumes of smoke. 

Police and fire crews are on site after a fire reportedly broke out at noon, which took hold of a false ceiling on a construction site in the station area, according to .

German federal police say they have now allowed long-distance rail traffic to resume at the station. 

A fire department spokesman told broadcaster N24 that 15 people had been rescued from the smoke-filled platform, and one was being treated for light injuries. 

He had no details on the cause of the fire.

Germany remains on high alert for potential Islamist attacks a year after a failed Tunisian asylum seeker killed 12 people in an attack on a Berlin Christmas market located a short distance from the Zoo train station.   

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