BJP MLA from Alwar uploads offensive post against Muslims

JAIPUR: MLA from Alwar, courted controversy on Sunday by uploading an offensive post on alleging Muslims of deliberately producing more children aiming to corner Hindus in their own country. In response to a debate on discussing the population of Muslims, Bansal in the post says that uncheck rise of Muslim population in the future is bound to have a Muslim prime minister, Muslim president and the community will have chief ministers in most of the states.
“When Muslims rule politics they will make Hindus live like second grade citizens. The sole intention is to rule India by increasing their population. They are also eating away the taxes deposited by Hindus,” said Bansal who demanded that a law be made so that no Hindu or Muslim can have more than two children.

TOI spoke to the MLA who continued his anti-Muslim rant and said that Muslims are producing 10-12, even 14 children in order to become a majority by 2030. He even went to the extent of saying that Muslims, in order to achieve the aim of more children are ‘buying‘ wives.

“Hindus will have no place to live after Muslims become majority,” warned Bansal. He advised Hindus to counter the menace by producing more children. Bansal added that Hindus are spending money on modern lifestyle while Muslims in Alwar and Bharatpur are spending money on purchasing arms. Defending his post he said, “It is deliberately uploaded after I watched a TV debate where a saint talked about the conspiracy of Muslims. It is intended to create awareness among Hindus about the Muslims‘ ploy,” said Bansal.
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