Bob Hawke looks trim and tanned at Woodford Folk Festival

Did you have to look twice? Bob Hawke appears on stage with a Paul Keating look-a-like at folk festival in a Hawaiian shirt

Former prime minister Bob Hawke has taken to the stage at Queensland‘s annual Woodford Folk Festival, wowing crowds in a Hawaiian shirt.

The country‘s longest-serving Labor PM took centre stage on the Sunshine Coast, north of , with scientist Professor Ian Lowe on Friday. 

The 88-year-old, dressed in blue denim jeans, looked trim and tanned and far more colourful than at his appearance during the festival last year.   

On Thursday, Mr Hawke performed a rousing rendition of the nation‘s unofficial national anthem, Waltzing Matilda, before an adoring crowd.

As he took to the podium he said: ‘I‘ll sing the verses and you mob will sing the chorus.‘ 

At one point the old stager admitted he ‘got a bit lost‘ during a verse.

Mr Hawke, who performed the same song at last year’s festival, has become a regular at Woodford, which is now in its 32nd year.

He is also making something of habit of belting out Waltzing Matilda, giving the song another go at the Jack Newton Celebrity Classic in the Hunter Valley earlier this month.

Last year Mr Hawke divided crowds at Woodford after renewing his calls for Australia to become a global nuclear waste dumping ground.

Mr Hawke continued his crusade that nuclear power was the only hope of saving the planet from global warming doom.

The Labor statesman‘s impassioned comments caused a stir among the 1,000-strong crowd, with numerous spectators voicing their disapproval at the controversial plan.

‘We‘re going to have to be prepared to think about changes that are quite radical,‘ Mr Hawke said. 

‘Nuclear power would be a win for the environment and an essential part of the attacking that must be made on this grievous and dangerous global warming. It would be a win for the global environment and a win for Australia.


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