Can you spot James Norton‘s dad in all of his TV dramas?

‘They call him Papa Norton on set!‘: Grantchester star James Norton reveals his retired father has secretly been joining him in cameo roles

Many proud parents like to follow the career of their offspring, lending support in any way they can. 

For some, such as the father of rising star James Norton, this means travelling the world and even landing roles in his son‘s TV dramas.

Hugh Norton will once again feature alongside James, 32, in the new drama McMafia, having appeared in several of the actor‘s shows in recent years.

The retired academic will play a sugar daddy in the show, which follows the antics of the British-born son of an exiled Russian mobster and airs tomorrow night.

Mr Norton has featured alongside his son in several shows, including War and Peace, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Death Comes to Pemberley. 

Mr Norton‘s wife Lavinia also made her acting debut in her son‘s show, appearing in the background of ITV‘s Grantchester alongside her husband. 

James, who has been tipped to take over from Daniel Craig as 007, says cast and crews became so familiar with his father that they call him ‘Papa Norton’.

Speaking to Radio 2, James said he enjoys bringing his parents with him on shoots around the world, including Lithuania, where he filmed War and Peace. 

On his father’s appearances, James said: ‘He is in pretty much every show I do. My family have nothing to do with this industry.

‘They stand on the sidelines bemused and very supportive, but have no idea what’s going on. 

‘My dad is recently retired from working as a lecturer at a college near Hull, and it’s a really great way for him and my mum to see the world.

‘So my dad comes and dresses up as these mad characters, and my mum sits of the sidelines and just laughs at him. And they love it.’

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