‘Clearance by censor shows its incompetence or complicity’

UDAIPUR: Another member to hit hard on Central Board of Film Certification‘s (CBFC) move over ‘Padmavati‘ certification is , the eldest person in the erstwhile royal house family of Mewar. In a letter sent to and Rajya Vardhan Singh Rathore on Sunday, the Union and state ministers, respectively for Information and Broadcasting, Singh questioned ‘s move to endorse a film that misrepresents revered heroic characters. He expressed his fear that clearance to the movie would cause social unrest.
“CBFC head has not considered all the factors and clearance to the movie suggests incompetence or complicity. Such hurried certification and continuing misrepresentations can only bring disrepute to the CBFC. One of the consequences of the decision could be ousting of CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi,” said Singh.

Accusing Prasoon Joshi of misrepresenting facts, Singh alleged that two panels seemed to have been invited for the special screening, the film was clandestinely shown to one.

“The impression being given is that the panelists who saw the movie were in agreement with its release with the reported modifications, however, two members of the panel, have gone on record to state that they were not in agreement to the release,” reads the letter.

The letter further says that ‘all claims of historical authenticity have been dropped and the movie is now declared to be fictional, that too only drawing inspiration from ‘s poem ‘Padmavat‘, not even being an adaptation thereof. The movie thereby misrepresents not only our culture but also this poem! One set of panelists was invited and then the film was secretly shown to another set,” said the letter.

The letter says, “It may be noted all communities had made their contribution at that time and that, we Rajputs need no certificate from the film or Mr Joshi, specially at the cost of misrepresenting our culture and denigrating that of others. There has already been an adverse impact that is likely to increase should the movie be released.”

“With a change of a letter, one can very well make a film about a certain Mr. Prasoon Doshi, who felt it necessary to barter his country‘s history and culture and call the movie fictional so that it can obtain CBFC certification. Would such a film be certified by Mr. Prasoon Joshi?,” it questions further.

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