Cookie-stealing squirrel leaps on police officers on video

Going nuts! Hilarious moment a cookie-stealing squirrel ATTACKED police officers is caught on dash cam

Well that was a nutty greeting. 

A funny bodycam video shows a crazy encounter between Brockport, New York, police and a squirrel that was eating cookies in a house kitchen on Friday.

According to the department‘s , they shared that Officers Sime and Dawson ‘were not at all expecting the warm welcome‘ they received from the squirrel. 

In the videos, the officers can he heard going in asking for the music to be turned down, to which the family shares that the squirrel turned on the radio. 

The officers head into the kitchen, when all of a sudden, the squirrel rushes towards them and leaps. 

Quick thinking, the officers move out the way and pursue the furry critter. 

They eventually capture the vermin and release it with no injury. 

‘The homeowner was very relieved that their uninvited guest was set free,‘ they said on the post. 

‘Brockport Police will always go the extra mile to help their residents.‘

The video has been viewed more than $88k times. 


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