Couple blame political correctness for canning Santa suits

‘Too politically correct‘: Kind couple who dress as Santa and Mrs Claus every year forced to quit – for upsetting parents by saying their kids are on the naughty list

A kindhearted couple have blamed political correctness for their decision to stop dressing as Santa and Mrs Claus.

For 14 years, Bill and Barbara Moore have donned the red costumes to entertain children in the Queensland town of Gympie, a three-hour drive north of.

However, this year will be their last.

Mr Moore said he was worried about being dragged into a courtroom if either of them disciplined a child for being naughty.

‘If I say the wrong thing, or happen to grab your son or daughter in the wrong way and in front of parents, I could wind up in court,‘ he told the .  

‘When you do it it is beautiful, but now it‘s not as enjoyable.‘

Mrs Moore said would put away the Santa suits so they could spend more time with their family over the summer. 

‘It‘s getting too politically correct,‘ she said.

Her husband cited a situation where a mother chastised him for telling her son he might be on the naughty list, when joking that he needed to check if he qualified for a gift.  

The Moores are pillars of the Gympie community, and are involved with the district historical society and a Men‘s Shed group. 

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