Delays, detours and a region waiting for the Ion LRT

Most of the Ion LRT detour signs came down in Waterloo region this past year and there was anticipation of the first train arriving to signal the project turning a new corner.

While waiting for the trains to arrive and testing to begin, drivers started to notice changes on the roads with newly laid tracks and LRT stations that were slowly coming together.

The final step in the first stage of light rail will come in 2018, when all the trains arrive and commuters start buying tickets and passes to ride the Ion.





Like it or not, construction of the LRT means the arrival of new business to the area, according to studies and developers who are investing along the corridor.


More than 2600 people came out to the Region of Waterloo‘s ION light rail open house, and got a chance to peek inside at the region‘s first ION vehicle. (/Twitter)

Testing 1,2,3…

Despite delays and paperwork issues testing on the Ion trains eventually began.


Each train has 56 seats, lots of area to stand and can hold about 200 people each. (Carmen Ponciano/CBC News)

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