Father of two wants justice and demands answers

‘She killed my kids‘: Desperate father of two children who vanished three years ago says he believes his wife murdered them and is lying about being mentally ill to ‘manipulate‘ prosecutors

The heartbroken father of two children who went missing three years ago in Maryland has revealed that it‘s harder without them during the holiday season and wants their mother to face justice after she was charged in their deaths.

In an interview with DailyMail, Troy Turner explained that he‘s still searching for answers in the September 8, 2014 disappearance of his two youngest children – three-year-old Sarah and two-year-old Jacob. 

The children‘s mother, Catherine Hoggle, 31, was the last person to see them alive before she disappeared and was found by police days later walking down a street. 

She refused to tell authorities where the children were and despite being long suspected of killing them, she had never been charged with their deaths until earlier this year. 

The children‘s bodies have yet to be found, despite thousands of hours being spent searching for them. 

Hoggle, who is currently in a state psychiatric hospital as she has a long history of mental illness, was charged with two counts of murder in September. But she was declared incompetent to stand trial by a judge three weeks ago.

The 45-year-old father passionately told DailyMail, ‘Catherine Hoggle killed my children.‘

He said there‘s information that will eventually come out that shows ‘she killed the kids‘.   

Turner explained that the day the children disappeared, he woke up to find all three of them were not in the apartment they shared.

Hoggle returned in their mini-van and claimed she had taken the two children to a new day care center where she‘d left them. 

She and Turner then went back out in their car and she asked him to stop at a Chick-fil-A restaurant for her to get a drink. 

She went into the fast food restaurant but slipped out a different exit, leaving Turner waiting in the car.

Turner then suspected something was wrong and went to police shortly afterwards to report Hoggle and his two youngest children missing. 

After an intense manhunt, four days later Hoggle was found walking down a street in Germantown and she was arrested.

At the time, she was questioned but would not say where the children were and was taken to the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center in Jessup. 

Later, she told officials she would take them to the children but a judge refused to allow her out of custody.

Since 2014, she has tried to escape from the facility several times by grabbing guards‘ security cards and running for the doors.

Staff say she had referred to the children as still being alive and has told them she wants to go to see them. But there is no evidence to support the claim that they are alive, and Turner believes that his children are dead.

He said his oldest son also suspected something was wrong.

‘He knew almost right away that his mom took the kids,‘ Turner said. 

‘He figured that out on his own. He‘s wanted to pass out flyers and tell people. 

‘A while back he looked at me and said, ‘I know that Sarah and Jacob could be dead and if they are, they‘re with God.‘‘ 

The heartbroken father also said that his oldest son, who he does not want to publicly name, ‘prays at night for God to be our GPS and take us to them.‘

‘I haven‘t directly said to him that I know that they‘re gone, but he knows there‘s a pretty good chance that they‘re never coming back,‘ Turner added. 

Turner shared that it‘s been a difficult copping without them everyday. He revealed that during his oldest son‘s birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese, the young boy said ‘Sarah and Jacob would love this.‘ 

But the distraught father said missing his children is even more harder during this holiday season.

‘Christmas obviously, their stockings are hung up with the rest of the families,‘ he emotionally said. 

‘They‘re still with us one way or the other, they‘re always going to be with us.

‘I‘m their father, I‘m going to carry them with me every day all the time.‘

He added, ‘This isn‘t something that gets easier with time. It‘s not an out-of-sight out-of-mind type of thing. It‘s the longer I don‘t see them the more it hurts.‘ 

Of Hoggle being found not competent to stand trial, Turner said, ‘That‘s bull*hit… She‘s manipulating the system‘.

When ed for comment by DailyMail, Hoggle‘s mother, Lindsey Hoggle said she ‘does not condone my daughters actions; the case is very complicated‘ and referred further questions to her attorney. 

Turner, who said that he has not spoken with Hoggle‘s family since shortly after the children disappeared, is hoping she will eventually be punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

‘I don‘t want her ever out on the street again. I don‘t want her ever to harm anyone again,‘ Turner passionately said. 

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