Kevin Pietersen slams Emirates for losing his luggage

‘How do I work on TV in no clothes?‘ English ex-cricketer Kevin Pietersen‘s epic meltdown after Emirates lost his luggage on the way to Australia – despite him being a ‘1st-class full paying platinum member‘

England cricketing enigma Kevin Pietersen has had an epic meltdown on after arriving in Australia without his luggage.

The controversial former test batsman took to social media on Friday morning after Emirates failed to pick him up from his Dubai hotel for his flight, before losing his clothes – just hours before he is due to commentate a Big Bash game.

‘1. YOU FORGET TO PICK ME UP FOR MY FLIGHT. 2. YOU‘VE JUST LEFT ALL MY LUGGAGE IN DUBAI. How do I work on international TV in a few hours with no clothes?‘ Pietersen tweeted to the airline‘s account.

‘1st Class FULL paying passenger & PLATINUM member‘.

‘FUMING!!!!!! ‘. 

Pietersen had flown home to Surrey in the UK to spend Christmas with his family, briefly taking time off from playing for the Melbourne Stars and his commentary duties both with Channel 10 for the Big Bash and Channel Nine for the Ashes series.  

His flight from London to Dubai had also been delayed, and the 37-year-old was upset he was unable to keep up to date with the action while in the air. 

‘Why the hell is there no LIVE tv on this 13hr flight?!?! I can‘t watch now!‘ he tweeted Thursday.

Upon landing in Melbourne, Pietersen was incensed to find his belongings had been lost.  

‘Right, I‘m going shopping on an card. I‘ll see you all on the coverage later today…!‘ he said.

Pietersen, who is a platinum Emirates member, then mocked a follower who seemed upset the airline gave the star cricketer a charge card to buy clothes while they located his luggage.  

‘Let‘s get this right . Everyone who‘s bag you lose gets an charge card to go shopping with ? Outstanding service….‘ the man replied to Pietersen‘s outburst.  

‘Nah, just the ones who are tall, dark, handsome, have beautiful brown eyes, are softly spoken, respectful, appreciative & have over 3.5mill followers…!‘ he responded.

Daily Mail Australia has ed Emirates for comment. 

Pietersen has enjoyed a dramatic shift from infamy and visceral hatred to love and warmth in Australia following the end of his international career.

The controversial batsman was enemy no.1 during his England days because of his arrogant playing style and cocky demeanour.

But that has shifted as he has become a common and entertaining fixture on Australian TV, commentating domestic and international cricket.

Pietersen has also become something of a conservation icon for his tireless efforts against poaching in his country of birth, South Africa.

He has helped fund , a sanctuary for rhinos, elephants and giraffes overlooking Kruger National Park. 

He now plays with a specialised Spartan brand bat with rhinos on it to raise awareness, and has convinced other cricketers to play with rhino symbol stickers.

The Melbourne Stars and Optus will donate 1$ for every person in attendance for their match on January 21 towards .

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