Labor MP sends out a calendar with a foolish mistake

That‘s her New Year‘s resolution sorted! Politician sends out a calendar to her constituents with an embarrassing error – but can you spot it?

A federal Labor MP sent her constituents a Christmas card containing a calendar with a glaring error.

The member for Newcastle Sharon Claydon‘s Christmas gift leaves out two key dates in December 2018.

On Christmas Day, she published a Facebook post congratulating a local public school student for winning her 2017 Christmas card design competition.

A nine-year-old girl‘s drawing, featuring a palm tree and an obelisk with a star on top, has a calendar on the back which could throw out New Year‘s Eve plans next year.

Ms Claydon, a former political staffer, forgot to include December 30 and 31 in her calendar.

However, the backbencher said the mistake would be unlikely to confuse her constituents in her safe seat, which has voted Labor at every election since 1901.

‘I suspect people of Newcastle are very sharp and capable of organising New Year‘s Eve plans,‘ she told Daily Mail Australia on Friday. ‘They will spot it themselves. 

‘I wasn‘t aware of the calendar missing those dates. Ultimately, I‘m always responsible.‘

Ms Claydon said a reprint, funded by her electoral allowance, would be unnecessary.

‘There wouldn‘t be a reprinting of any calendar. I‘ll just have to explain if there are any errors,‘ she said.

She isn‘t the only Labor politician to have issued her constituents a dubious calendar, with Queensland state MP Grace Grace mailing to her Brisbane electorate in December 2015 a fridge magnet which left out August 30, 2016.

This was the same month when she had been appointed to cabinet as Queensland‘s Multicultural Affairs Minister.

A few weeks earlier Ms Grace, who is now the state education minister, had a shocking spelling error in tweet about celebrating National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee Week with a fellow Labor MP.

‘With Peter Russo and Aunty Rose from Torris Straight leading song to celebrate CCC Naidoc 2015 morning tea,‘ she said of the event hosted by the state‘s Crime and Corruption Commission. 

Torres Strait is part of Queensland.  

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