Magaluf 2018: Why next summer‘s party will be even WILDER

WILD: Brits in Magaluf are set to be even more naughty next year

Boozy Brits were the last summer.

They waged war against messy bar crawls, boat parties and nudity as lads and lasses .

Even .

CLASSY: The new White Party is set to bring a touch of glamour to Magaluf in 2018

“Next summer we have had an increase of 30% of ticket sales”

Taz Lewis of Magaluf Events

But bookings are through the roof already for next summer and a new “classy” bash, the White Party, is set to be launched.

That’s according to Taz Lewis, of Magaluf events, who exclusively told Daily Star Online that contrary to reports the party is far from over.

He denied a , which sees the daily charge jump to €3 (£2.66), next summer would put people off.

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    Taz told Daily Star Online: “I don‘t believe so, Magaluf is still the number one youth resort especially for people‘s first holidays.

    “I don‘t think a small tourist tax will put anyone off. Especially as it‘s so cheap when they get here, a pint of beer is as little as €1.80 (£1.59).”

    And Taz claims bookings for next summer have rocketed compared to 2017.

    PARTY: Lasses enjoy the new White Party to be rolled out in Magaluf next summer

    He continued: “Last year was the busiest it has been since 2012, every bar and club were rammed and Sunset Booze Cruise and Full Moon Party ran more days than in previous years.

    “Next summer we have had an increase of 30% of ticket sales via the Magalufevents website compared to last summer so we can already see it‘s going to be huge.

    “We have a Facebook page Magaluf 2018 – Everything Magaluf which has already got 10k people joined ready to come and party next summer which is crazy!”

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      And a huge new 3,000-strong party is coming.

      It promises to be “completely different”.

      The White Party is £20 entry at a top nightclub with a free bar, champagne on arrival and top DJs from all over the world.

      You can also get face and body paint applied at the bash to really glam up.

      Magaluf Events has already held a few special White Party events before its roll-out, and stunning pics from the parties showing lads and lasses dressing up for the occasion and enjoying the booze and music.

      Taz said: “The White Party aims to bring a touch of class to Magaluf, people can‘t turn up in anything they want, it‘s strictly white clothing and will be the classiest event to ever hit Magaluf.”

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        Events manager Gabby Ksher, 23, said the White Party is “exactly what Magaluf needs”.

        She added: “We love it when everyone comes in head to toe dressed in white – it’s incredible especially as everyone is nice and tanned.

        “Girls make sure you bring your sexiest white outfits. It’s the one night you can go full out glam.”

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