Magne Jensen beats 65 million to win HGTV house

Tennessee home is GIVEN AWAY to lucky contest winner after dream renovation leaves it unrecognizable (and the photos show why 65 MILLION people entered!)

A retiree has won the prize of a lifetime after doggedly submitting entries for HGTV‘s Urban Oasis 2017 sweepstakes with the prize being a beautifully renovated Tennessee home- against 65million other applicants.

HGTV announced Magne Jensen, from Beaverton, Oregon, won a remodeled one-story Craftsman bungalow in North Knoxville. Jensen told since he is retired, he just kept entering to win. 

‘For a month you can go online, and enter twice a day, so I did, almost every day, because I got nothing to do,‘ he said. ‘And I figured ‘what the heck‘ you know?‘

‘I figured, what have I got to lose? I‘ve never won anything before, but you never know,‘ remarked Jensen. ‘Eventually you‘ve got to win something.‘ 

He said he didn‘t believe the call saying he had won, and originally thought it was a scam.  

‘She goes ‘no, this is legit.‘ I said ‘whatever!‘ But he now has the paperwork to prove it.  

Jensen says that although the home is beautiful, they wont be relocating to Tennessee. They‘ve lived in North Portland for 40 years and their family and grandchildren are close by.

Instead, Jensen and his wife Irene have taken the cash payout instead.

The home is valued at more that $600,000 and includes the furnished residence and $50,000, although it‘s unclear what Jensen‘s cash payout will be.        

Renovations on the three bedroom two bathroom house in the Fourth and Gill neighborhood began in March 2017. 

A freestanding garage that was made into a living space was added onto the property.  

He says he and his wife will be moving out of their small apartment in Oregon and will be buying a home there instead.

‘I‘ll be 60,‘ he said. ‘So this is a blessing, and with my wife‘s disability, it‘s going to help pay some medical bills. It‘s going to hit me when the money comes in, and I can pay off every single bill we got, and not have to worry about things!‘

‘We can live happily ever after.‘


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