New Year‘s Eve 2017: Revellers party hard into the night

From boozy behaviour to broken legs: Millions of revellers crammed into Sydney harbour enjoy a VERY merry start to the New Year that will leave many to ask… is it 2019 yet?

While millions around the country celebrated New Year‘s Eve in style, it hasn‘t been a good start to 2018 for all.

Things can surely only improve for some of the partygoers who packed into harbour, with boozy behaviour and even broken legs marring their New Year‘s Eve.

A long day of festivities appeared to take a toll on some as police made arrests in the CBD even before the fireworks display lit up the sky at midnight.

And while many revellers will be waking up with sore heads, one man will be feeling worse than most after badly breaking his leg following a fall from a temporary fence.

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The graphic photo appears to show the man suffering from a compound fracture in his left leg.

As officers stand over him a woman can be seen rushing to his aid, while blood pools on the ground around his feet.

Another man who had been arrested was pictured hunched over in a gutted after seemingly enjoying a very merry festive season.

He was later walked into the back of a police van and driven away, missing a chance to see the fireworks display.

Some charged glasses as the clock struck midnight, while others began the year by sharing a kiss.

The celebrations weren‘t reserved only for people either, with one couple deciding their much loved pets should accompany them.

While dogs are not normally fond of fireworks, this couple‘s pooches appeared to be coping well with the loud explosions.

For 12 minutes fireworks spectacularly exploded into the sky above Sydney harbour, but many must have wondered if it was worth it as they queued for trains after. 

The incredible fireworks display centred around Sydney harbour, where millions had gathered on land and water to see in the New Year with a bang.

Fireworks of all colours flew from the Sydney Harbour Bridge before finishing with a flowing rainbow river, a tribute to Australia‘s historic same sex marriage vote.

In what has become an annual feature, Australia‘s biggest city came to a standstill at midnight as it became one of the first in the world to welcome in the New Year.

Melbourne, which boasted about having more fireworks than Sydney this year, also partied in the New Year with a flurry of fireworks exploding from its skyscrapers.

Despite terror threats, locals crammed into Federation Square and along the Yarra River to catch a glimpse of Victoria‘s midnight fireworks. 

Hobart and Canberra also saw in 2018 first with Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth all set to follow.

While millions crammed into capital cities to enjoy fireworks, thousands of others saw in 2017 at music festivals around the country. 

With temperatures reaching over 30C party-goers were seen in short skirts, tank tops and bikinis as they danced to the likes of Flume and Lorde.

While it was largely a day of celebration, the fireworks came just hours after a horror seaplane crash north of Sydney which claimed the lives of six people. 

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