Neymar reconciles with model girlfriend Bruna Marquezine

Back on? Footballer Neymar reconciles with his model girlfriend as the couple enjoy an intimate embrace at a pre-New Year’s party in a Brazil nightclub

is back with his on and off girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, after meeting up with her on Saturday night at a pre-New Year‘s party.

The world‘s most expensive footballer rekindled his love for his old flame as they partied in Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago located in Pernambuco.

The two were openly hugging and kissing and did not care who saw.

The Brazilian actress and her £600,000 a week boyfriend moved to the rhythms of a hot new Brazilian funk single ‘Vai Malandra‘. 

The pair were seen sensually winding their hips to the beat as they danced closely.

The pair had been invited separately by close friends and both knew each other would be there.

Initially, Neymar had told the media he would be spending the New Year partying in Bahia. But he was seen jetting away in his private plane early Saturday sparking speculation that he was taking the opportunity to meet up with his long-term love.

Photographer Raul Aragon published the photos of the couple together on Instagram and teased fans with the question: ‘You asked about Bruna… so here it is‘.

Neymar announced the end of his relationship with Bruna in June this year. It was the third time the pair had split. 

According to reports in the Brazilian media at the time, the reason for the split was because the star footballer had asked his on-off-girlfriend of five years to marry him.

Apparently, the soap actress, did not want to jeopardise her career and turned the heartbroken player down.

But Neymar has always made it known that he kept the flame burning and hoping for another chance and four months later, their complicated standoff had a relapse. 

The lovebirds got back together again. On that occasion they were seen kissing at a wedding party.

According to witnesses at the ceremony, the couple ‘only had eyes‘ for each and ‘couldn‘t get enough‘ of one another. But once again the relationship fizzed out and they parted.

A fortnight ago when asked if a reconciliation was possible, Neymar didn‘t hesitate with his answer.

He said: ‘Yes I would go back with her. This would be controversial I know. But I have a lot of affection for her, I like her a lot. Who knows what tomorrow holds?‘ 

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