Niagra Falls covered in white blanket, flow of tourists doesn’t stop

Visitors take photographs at the brink of the Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Friday. (Source: AP) Related News

As an Arctic vortex gripped some areas of US, with temperatures dipping to -38 degrees Celsius in Minnesota, frost blanketed parts of the Niagara Falls and AP reported it could freeze completely this winter. It certainly will be an unprecedented incident as ice has never completely stopped the flow of water, save for a blockage upstream in 1848.

However, the cold conditions has not stopped tourists from thronging to the iconic place – the collection of three waterfalls that straddle the border between the US in the state of New York and Canada in the province of Ontario – which has turned into a marvellous, winter wonderland at the moment. Local visitors who went to see the frozen spectacle took to social media to share photos of the Niagra.

Visitors try to keep warm at the brink of the Horseshoe Falls in Ontario. (Source: AP)


The US is witnessing one of the coldest weekends of the year and there have been reports of sharks freezing to death in the Atlantic. The freezing temperatures has brought dismay for commuters too, with cracks appearing in railway tracks. The torrid conditions are being blamed on a torrent of Arctic air that poured into many parts of the US this week and tightened its grip on Friday.

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