Overstaying Nigerians told to leave by December 31

TIRUPUR: Police have issued an ultimatum to Nigerians who are staying or involving in businesses in the city without valid visa or permission from the local authority, to leave the country within December 31, 2017.
At present, only four Nigerians in the whole of Tirupur district have registered with the police to do business. More than 200 Nigerians, according to the local businessmen, are illegally pursuing businesses at garments market in Tirupur.

Meanwhile, a city-based Nigerian community welfare association has released a circular warning its fellow countrymen not to carry out any business activity without proper permission from the local authority. It was addressed jointly by president of Tirupur Nigeria Community Welfare and Garment Traders Association Philip and secretary ChineduEwom. The circular has been pasted on walls of garment shops and on streets which has predominant population of Nigerians.

The circular says that it was the second and final warning to Nigerians. “No Nigerian is allowed to engage in business activity of any kind inside the market. Nigerians who are involved in the businesses without permission should move out of the market,” it says.

Nicolas has admitted in the circular that many Nigerians were partnering with Indians and carrying out the businesses. He has advised his fellow countrymen to obtain permission from the local authorities for doing the business.

“We were concerned that many Nigerians have come here in tourist visa or student visa and illegally doing the business in Tirupur district. It was affecting the local businessmen, who were already facing the crunch,” said , general secretary, Collar Work and Hosiery Small Industries Association.

Based on the inputs from the local businessmen, S Sundarapandian of Aam Aadmi Party has sent a complaint to the state government and now the complaint has been forwarded to the city police department.

City police commissioner told TOI: “We have found that many Nigerians were doing the garment exporting business after arriving on tourist visa and student visa. We have warned the Nigerian population that they should not do it unless they have obtained business visa or employment visa.”

“Only four Nigerians have registered under the Registration of Foreigners Act so far for doing business in Tirupur. Among the four, two of them got married to Indians and settled in the city. So, we have given an ultimatum to rest of them till December 31. If the illegality continues, we will inspect and book them under the Passport (Entry into India) Act,” warned the CoP.

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