Raccoon causes $250 damages in TN liquor store

Wild in the aisles! Raccoon is caught on security cameras sneaking into Tennessee liquor store and snatching several bottles

Some will do just about anything to get their hands on some liquor. 

And the same could clearly be said about a raccoon who bravely broke into a Tennessee liquor store in recently released video of a 2016 incident.  

Surveillance video shows the pesky critter saunter in and cause approximately $250 worth in damages. 

The raccoon climbs up the shelves inside the store and begins knocking bottles over to the floor. 

It seems intent on grabbing the best liquor for itself as more bottles fall to the ground. 

All in all, the raccoon chooses a selection of the best drinks for about 90 minutes of tape. 

As the clip ends, the animal climbs back down and seeks out its prizes. 

At least the raccoon will have a thirst-quenching night.   




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