Remains of mom found in woods 8 months after disappearing

Remains of young mom, 21, are found in woodland after she vanished from a party days before a custody battle for her 2-year-old daughter

The remains of a 21-year-old mother who went missing in April were found in the woods near her home.

Destiny Lee Aaron vanished from a party in Hudson, on April 3 – and hasn‘t been seen since, according to . 

She had a two-year-old daughter, Vanessa, and was due in court three days after disappearing for a final custody hearing. 

Then on Thursday a sheriff‘s office spokesperson confirmed the body was Aaron. 

Deputies responded to a call about human remains on Tuesday in a wooded area near 12800 Jayton Avenue in the town. 

Investigators asked for help finding Aaron in April when she first went missing. 

Aaron was at a house party which she left at early hours of the morning, seemingly alone, on April 1, police said. 

The last people who saw her were other partygoers. 

Her boyfriend, who wasn‘t identified, told her father at the time that the two had a fight at the party and she stormed away. 

Police say there‘s currently no reason to assume foul play in her death. 

‘There‘s no evidence to suggest that some sort of trauma caused her death,‘ Captain Chris Beaman told WFLA. 

‘Obviously we‘re investigating how and why she ended up where she did but right now we don‘t have any definitive evidence how and why she got there.‘ 

Detectives told the news station that Aaron had a history of drug use, which may have contributed to her disappearance.  

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