Roy Hodgson 'savouring' Crystal Palace ending Manchester City's winning run, despite late 'frustration'

said he would “savour” ’s unexpected 0-0 draw with that ended the league leader’s 18-game winning run, even if there was “frustration” and the potential for regret after had a late penalty saved by Ederson.

That came after a fall that looked a dive and before a controversial challenge from that left injured, but the Palace manager dismissed the need to discuss such incidents in the wake of his side’s performance.

“It’s frustrating of course, but it was a good save,” Hodgson said. “It’s better to concentrate on our performance and how well we played. I have to give the player an enormous pat on the back for how they played.

“To be brutally honest with five or six minutes to go I was thinking make sure we don’t lose the game. Wilf did brilliantly to provoke it, but unfortunately we didn’t take advantage. I may think differently at the end of season but now I’m inclined to say well done to my players.”

Pressed on the Puncheon foul, Hodgson said: “I’m here to talk about the 95 minutes of football, not the incidents you’ve probably seen 15 or 16 times. I was following the ball so didn’t pay the incident with Puncheon any heed.

“You’re talking to someone here who took the first points off Man City [in 19 games] about the validity of a penalty decision. I think the sense is there’s an element of being satisfied the performance, not losing a game when many predicted we would. There’s also a sadness of not taking advantage. Also a moment we can savour. There’s that element as well in his mind. You have to allow me a few minutes of enjoyment.”

The end of the game did see Hodgson enjoy himself in another way, as came for a chat with him in the final minutes of the match, despite the dramatic action at that point taking place on the pitch.

“We were two coaches who’ve been in football for long enough, who understand the game and have mutual respect for each other. We talked about the game and what we thought about the season. We don’t often get that chance to talk after the game because we’re busy speaking to you lot.

“It was nice for Pep to come and sit down. I know him and we’ve met in the past at seminars, albeit very briefly.

“I’m not going to tell you what was said. If he wants to he’s more than welcome to.”

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