Serena Williams shares 10 cute moments with tot from 2017

‘I couldn‘t choose just one!‘ Serena Williams shares intimate home videos of life with baby Olympia

It‘s been a truly life changing year for .

And the 36-year-old tennis champ shared her top 10 moments of 2017 on on New Year‘s Eve on Sunday morning.

Unsurprisingly, all the video clips revolve around her beautiful daughter Alexis Olympia, whom she and husband, co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 34, welcomed to the world on September 1.

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The four-time Olympic gold medalist captioned the cute compilation: ‘My final top 10 moment of 2017.

‘Of course includes they say save the best for last. I could not choose so I just choose 10 random videos. They all were so cute to me.‘

The first one shows a recent shot of Serena cuddling ‘Junior‘ saying: ‘We‘re twinsies‘ as they both wear pink hoodies.

The second and third clips hark back to just after her daughter‘s birth as proud papa Alexis made his tiny baby girl comfortable in her crib at the hospital.

Serena later held up her daughter, saying: ‘Hey, this is Junior, yes another Junior. She took after her Auntie V [Venus] cos she has very thin legs.‘

She also shared a clip of her child, saying: ‘Olympia, what are you doing. Uh-oh. are you pooping with Mommy, pooping time. Yay‘

An adorable video shows the little girl in a white onesie wriggling on a bed of pink and white roses.

It was likely taken around the time her parents got married in November in New Orleans as the next short showed Olympia next to a beautiful white dress as a voice cooed:  ‘You sparkled in your wedding dress fitting.‘ 

Another clip featured a topless Alexis kissing Junior as he showed off her doughnut onesie.

When Serena pointed out that it wasn‘t buttoned and the the pants were falling down, he replied: ‘Pull your pants up. I won‘t have sagging in this house, Junior.‘

Probably the funniest video showed Alexis holding his daughter on his arm swaddled up in the shape of an NFL football as he danced around the house before performing a ‘baby football‘ touchdown. 

The tiny tot seemed to enjoy every moment.

Meanwhile Serena, who won the Australian Open last January while pregnant, is set to make her return to tennis at the same tournament on January 15 in Melbourne.

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