Shirtless John Mayer launches Kylo Ren Challenge

Star phwoars! Shirtless John Mayer channels Adam Driver in The Last Jedi as he launches Kylo Ren Challenge on Instagram

It‘s been certainly the most polarizing point in the universe to date.

But John Mayer was clearly a fan of THAT The Last Jedi shirtless scene.

The singer posted a shirtless selfie on Saturday night as he launched the Kylo Ren Challenge.

The 40-year-old replicated the already infamous shot of Adam Driver‘s villain from The Last Jedi, as he had a cross-galaxy telepathic chat with Daisy Ridely‘s Rey, apparently straight out of the shower.

The crooner even donned the very high-waisted black trousers favored by the patricidal son of Han Solo and Leia Organa.

Within minutes, Instagram was filled with fellow fans removing their shirts to post their #kylorenchallenge.

None were as popular as the original poster though, who had racked up more than 130k likes withing a couple of hours. 

In Rian Johnson‘s episode VII of the sci-fi saga, even Rey was taken aback at the sight of Ren sans clothes, insisting he wrap up in a cowl.

Last week Meyer ignited further social media tomfoolery when he criticized those who doctored their imagery — receiving a very tongue in cheek response from Chrissy Teigen. 

‘Nothing provides a clearer view into someone‘s taste, eye or intentions like the way they retouch a photo,‘ he originally proclaimed. 

He added: ‘This extends to processing as well. I can always tell who just discovered the ‘highlights/shadows‘ slider.‘

Without a caption, Chrissy replied with a picture of her own head grafted onto Nicki Minaj‘s body, a la her Anaconda cover. 

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