Skye Wheatley showcases her pert derriere in a G-string  

Bottoms up! Skye Wheatley toasts a glass of champagne as she shares cheeky new year message while showcasing her pert derriere in a G-string

She‘s the reality TV star turned sensation known for her racy social media posts.

And Skye Wheatley‘s plans for 2018 don‘t appear to see her diverting from her trend of posting scantily clad photos online, the contestant sharing a revealing snap to Instagram while toasting the upcoming new year.

A photo shared on Friday showed the surgically enhanced blonde showcasing her pert derriere in a G-string as she raised a glass of champagne. 

In the revealing social media post, Skye poses in front of a window overlooking Sydney harbour.

With her back to the camera, the buxom blogger wears a towel around her hair and a cropped tee, showing off her shapely behind in a black G-string.

‘Cheers to this year being even better then the last the count down is owwwwnnnnaaahhhhhh,‘ Skye captioned the photo. 

Rising to fame as a contestant on the last season of Big Brother in 2014, Skye has continued to make headlines thanks to her many surgical enhancements.

The social media fanatic traveled to Bangkok in 2015 for a $3,800 breast augmentation.

However, Skye later claimed the surgery was botched, leaving her with a ‘double bubble‘ in one breast.

Since her boob job Skye has plumped her pout with lip fillers and underwent a nose job late last year. 

The busty blonde told Yahoo Be she had the length of her nose shortened and her nostrils shrunk.

‘When I woke up from surgery it was really painful because obviously I had just had my face half ripped up,‘ Skye recounted.

‘The surgeon took most of the cartilage out my tip because it was really long and when you looked down at my face from a particular angle, it looked like a witch‘s nose.

‘My nostrils were flared and I just wanted my them brought in and down.‘ 

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