Taiwanese cafe creates 3D latte art complete cockroach

That‘s one jiggly cup of Joe! Taiwanese cafe creates incredibly realistic 3D latte art – but would YOU drink this cockroach coffee?

Prickly legs sinking into the foam, two antennas about to spill over the rim, and beady eyes staring right at you as you pick up the cup to take a sip.

It‘s a cockroach in your coffee cup, but this may be the only one in the world you don‘t need to be afraid of.

That‘s because he‘s made out of chocolate and milk foam at the  cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

This incredibly lifelike cockroach is just one of the incredible creations by barista Chang Keui-fang, who has wowed the world with her 3D latte art.

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From jiggling pups to an angry Donald Trump, it seems there is nary a design that 48-year-old Chang cannot master. 

Latte art has seen a huge spike in popularity in 2017, with everything from rainbow colours to glittering cups becoming huge hits on social media.

But Chang has given the art literal dimension with both her realistic recreations of portraits and cartoons, as well as frothy creatures you want to reach out and touch.

There are dozens of videos on the My Cofi Facebook page that show Chang and her fellow baristas at work, making their creations look as easy as a few swirls.

But it can actually take up to 15 minutes for Chang to create one cup and, depending on how intricate the design is, could cost you anywhere from AUD$8 to $43. 

While it may sound like quite the hefty price for a cup of Joe, videos of Chang‘s creations have only sent more and more fans flocking to My Cofi.

The cafe first became a hit on social media when Chang began to reproduce images of customers‘ pets into her signature 3D style. 

From a variety of cats and dogs – and even a pet fish – Chang has been willing to master just about anything.

It was actually animals that helped Chang master her 3D art foam in the first place. 

The barista wanted to practice drawing on milk foam with chocolate and some customers asked her to recreate their pets, she told MailOnline earlier this year. 

Never one to say no to a challenge, Chang happily obliged and soon began expanding her repertoire. 

To give her cups their now signature 3D effect, Chang has learned that the best way to control milk froth is to stack it up and create layers. 

And the barista of 14 years also illustrates with espresso and fruit jam, along with chocolate, to create the works of art atop steamed milk and espresso shots.

Now there are customers who will spend an hour just snapping photos of their My Cofi creations, caring little that their cup has gone cold.

And while some will call on Chang to help them prank their boss with creepy coffees, others ask her to create something far more special. 

Chang once helped a woman who wanted to see her beloved late cat.   

‘She was looking at me drawing over the counter, and when I presented the work to her, she suddenly cried,‘ Chang said. 

‘She was so touched to see the image of her cat.‘ 

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