Take Me Out star went on show to promote latex designs

‘There wasn‘t one per cent of me that wanted a boyfriend‘: Take Me Out contestant who only went on the show to promote her sexy LATEX designs was shocked when she found love

Most singletons go on Take Me Out in order to find love – or at least to get a free holiday on the Isle Of Fernando‘s.

But one former contestant says she went on the ITV programme for a very specific reason – to promote her latex designs. 

Designer Helen Teiman, 23, from Liverpool, said she wanted to wear her clothes on the show, and never in her wildest dreams think she would find a boyfriend.

However, after forgetting to turn off her light, she ended up going to Fernando‘s with Welshman Riccardo Oliver, 25 – and the pair are now a couple a year later.

Helen appeared in the last series of Take Me Out, which aired in April this year.

Explaining her decision to apply for the dating show, she wrote in  ‘I thought, “I’m going to get on that show and wear all my latex.”

She added: ‘[T]here wasn’t even one per cent of me that wanted a boyfriend from going on Take Me Out.‘ 

Helen launched her latex label Amentium in 2015 from her parents‘ living room, with her collections including sexy skintight dresses and underwear.  

But her plan to promote her wares didn‘t turn out as she‘d quite hoped, after she forgot to turn off her light in only the second episode of the show because she‘d become distracted by Riccardo trying, and failing, to balancing a pint on his head. 

The fitness guru ended up choosing Helen, revealing that she had been his ‘love at first light’ – the woman he picked out from all the contestants after first coming down the elevator.

The pair then went on their first date in Fernando‘s, where they went out for breakfast and enjoyed a session of Tai Chi.

Helen describes there being an ‘instant attraction‘ between them, adding that his love of food ‘won [her] over‘.

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Despite originally going on the show to promote her latex designs, Helen admits her appearance on Take Me Out didn‘t help with sales.

But she is still happy with the outcome, nonetheless, explaining: ‘I got Riccardo…. You know what they say, these things happen when you’re not looking for them.‘ 

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