Trump to lunch with Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Trump to host Florida Gov. Rick Scott to a New Year‘s Eve lunch to talk hurricane relief

President plans to lunch with Gov. Rick Scott as he winds down his holiday trip in the Sunshine State. 

Trump will dine with Scott Sunday, before likely making an appearance at tonight‘s New Year‘s Eve festivities at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.  

While the president has spent much of his vacation on the greens at his local golf club, he closed the West Palm Beach course Friday so members of the United States Coast Guard could play. 

Earlier in the week he had complimented the Coast Guard‘s efforts in hurricane relief this year. 

Talk of hurricane recovery is on the menu for his Sunday meeting with Scott as well, along with infrastructure and ‘other matters important to Floridians.‘ 

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On Friday, the president hailed the Coast Guard as ‘fantastic‘ as he addressed an assembly of players at the end of his own golf game on the 17th hole on what he called ‘one of the great courses of the world.‘   

‘I think all of you were watching my shot, right. Did you see it?‘ he asked. ‘A shot! And a birdie!‘

And then, pointing to the press, he chuckled: ‘They‘ll say I took a triple bogey, but I actually got a birdie.‘ 

Trump also told the Coast Guard he was ‘honored‘ to have them at his property and praised them for their rapid response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

‘The job you did in Florida, and frankly, especially, the job they did, as you know, the job they did they did in Texas, saved 16,000 people. It‘s unheard of,‘ he told a group of onlookers and media. ‘So I just want to thank you. 

A scramble is a low-pressure game in which each player on a team hits a tee shot and everyone makes the next swing from the spot where the ‘best ball‘ lies. 

To score a birdie in a regular round of golf, like Trump says he did, a golfer would have to be 1-under par on the hole. A triple bogey is three strokes over par. 

The media was not allowed to watch Trump golf on Friday, so journalists would not have otherwise known his score.

The White House brought reporters across the course and down to the 17th hole just before the president drove up in a golf cart that he was personally manning.  

‘You‘re gonna determine who the best player is, right?‘ Trump said, shaking U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer Gene Gibson‘s hand, as he spoke to members of the Coast Guard moments later. ‘Maybe it‘s the boss, I don‘t know,‘ he said of Gibson. 

Trump then joked with the guardsmen this afternoon about his own game, saying he had just scored well on the hole where they were standing. 

The president told the service members that they were holding up billionaire Leslie Alexander‘s play with their photo spray.

‘He said, “If it‘s for the Coast Guard, I don‘t mind waiting. I said, “That‘s OK. You‘re gonna wait,” Trump recalled to laughter. ‘Thank you, Leslie,‘ the president said. 

‘These brave men and women patrol the waterways near Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago everyday. The president wanted to thank these service members personally for their service to this nation,‘ said Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. 

Trump has spent many of the days at the golf club he owns in West Palm Beach playing with the pros. 

He golf Thursday with his son Eric and PGA star Jim Herman. Tuesday he had an outing with several golf champs and a GOP senator. 

The president is assumed to have played Wednesday, as well, although the White House has been reticent to say when he‘s been on the course – even when it was captured on video. 

It was the New York Times that revealed the president‘s partners on Thursday after an impromptu interview with Trump on the property.  

Friday morning the president made what has become a routine hop across town during his holiday to Trump International Golf Club after a later than usual start so he could take in Fox & Friends. 

Several hours after he arrived the White House revealed Trump‘s plans to host Station Lake Worth Inlet and other Coast members at the course for an afternoon session.  

Trump had left his private resort four hours before the photo op with the Coast Guard before their golf game. He did not stick around to watch them play, leaving the property shortly after a cannon blast indicated it was underway.

The president promptly returned to Mar-a-Lago, where the White House said he would remain the rest of the day. 

Before he departed the course, Trump teased guardsman about how many of them showed up. 

‘The Coast Guard is fantastic. And, I said, “Come use my course.” I didn‘t know I‘d be flooded,‘ he added, eliciting laughter from his guests. ‘But that‘s OK. You guys go have a good time. Let me know who won. We‘ll get them a little trophy.‘ 

Yesterday, Trump spent close to six hours at the golf club he owns. Four hours in he was captured by CNN‘s cameras standing near a golf cart on the property‘s golf course.

He dined that evening at his ‘Winter White House‘ with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, according to the White House. The men were said to be discussing trade policy and the economic boom taking place in the United States.

His Friday afternoon plans were a mystery, with the White House telling reporters Trump would have no additional outings that day.

Trump‘s spokesman did not respond to DailyMail‘s request for the names of the president‘s golf partners on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

The White House has refused to confirm Trump‘s golfing on several occasions this week, even as blurry footage of him on the course aired on CNN yesterday, for instance.

Trump is known to have golfed on five occasions since he arrived in Palm Beach last Friday, on Saturday, Sunday,  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

His attire on Wednesday, the same white polo paired with a white USA hat he had on Thursday, and the amount of time he was at the golf property suggested he played another round that day.  

Friday was Trump‘s fourth visit to Trump International Golf Club since a  evening pledge to get ‘back to work‘ the next day.  

That was on Monday.

Tuesday the White House said that Trump played with Sen. David Perdue, as well as current and former pro golfers. Saturday the president also played with golf champs.

CNN has been chronicling Trump‘s golf adventures from afar, but an unmarked white truck obscured the network‘s view of the course on Wednesday while Trump was assumed to be playing. The network had a clear shot of Trump on the course again on Thursday near a cart and in golf attire. 

A photographer for DailyMail caught Trump through the window of his SUV giving onlookers a double thumbs up as he returned to Mar-a-Lago in his motorcade on Friday.

The president‘s visit to Palm Beach has attracted a steady stream of sign-holders at the same intersection every day since Christmas. 

After a quiet Monday, Trump invited his press pool to watch him on the course with the Coast Guard on Friday and to a fire station for a meet and greet with first responders on Wednesday.

For the fire station visit, Trump ditched his golf polo and ball cap for a suit and tie.

The president thanked first responders who service him when he‘s on vacation during the visit, saying they too are ‘fantastic‘ and ‘incredible‘ at what they do.

‘What you do, in terms of paramedics and fire and all of the other things you do that people don’t appreciate like they should. But we appreciate it. And we’re giving you a lot of equipment. We’re giving you a lot of help,‘ the president told them.

Before leaving, Trump told them, ‘I’ll go back to Palm Beach, and you go back and also watch yourselves on television, huh? 

‘We created some stars in here, chief,‘ the president stated.

Trump used the visit to boast about the GOP tax cut and stock market highs in front of the cameras.

‘You know when the stock market goes up that affects everybody, not just — you know you think of the rich, you think of the big — the fact is it affects everybody because people own stocks, whether it’s in 401(k)s or otherwise. So it’s really been great,‘ the former real estate mogul said.

Trump said the tax slash bill he signed into law minutes before he left the White House for Florida is the ‘legislation of all legislation‘ 

‘And I tell you, that tax cut bill is something with what’s it’s kicking in,‘ he said. ‘So the country is really — you have a big, big beautiful ship that we’re turning around. And a lot of good things are happening.‘

Trump has been posted up in Palm Beach for seven nights with plans to stay in Florida through New Year‘s Day. 

Trump was said to be on out with friends and pro golfers Jim Herman, Daniel Berger, and Justin Thomas, along with Thomas‘ father, on Saturday.

His Christmas eve partners were never stated in spite of repeated inquires from the press. 

That day the president and first lady took calls from children tracking Santa through NORAD before they attended an evening mass. Sunday was the last time that Melania Trump was observed in Palm Beach by the press.

Monday, the president did not make a public appearance of any kind as he celebrated Christmas privately at Mar-a-Lago with his adult children, the first lady and their 11-year-old son.

A tweet that evening from his personal account said: ‘I hope everyone is having a great , then tomorrow it’s back to work in order to Make America Great Again (which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)!‘  

The next day Trump was out on the course again. He seemingly turned the five-hour excursion into a working golf game, however, bringing along Perdue, a Republican who represents Georgia in the U.S. Senate.

Pro golfer Bryson DeChambau and former PGA player Dana Quigley were on the course with Perdue and Trump, the White House said Tuesday. 

Trump‘s visit to his golf property Friday was his 88th time at a course he owns since taking office, according to an, and his 114th day at a property he owns. He has been in office 343 days.

The president‘s frequent golf outings his first year on the job have come under scrutiny, especially in the context of his criticism of former President Barack Obama.

Trump said in an Oct. 13, 2014 complaint, ‘Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf. Worse than Carter.‘ 

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