Were You Spoiled As A Kid Growing Up??

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    Check all that apply.

    There was a framed photo of you displayed prominently in the house. Santa Claus always brought you more than one gift every year. Your parents attended most of your performances/recitals/sports competitions. When you were in college, you were sent care packages and flowers on the regular. You got a bedtime story every night. You got tucked in personally every night. Your birthday celebrations always lasted for longer than a single day at home. You got handmade Halloween costumes. You got an allowance. You got a car when you turned 16… And it was a brand-new car. You got a packed lunch most days. You got to paint and draw on the walls of your room. You got help with homework every night. You got your homework checked every night. There are entire scrapbooks focused on your life. You asked for — and got — a pet. You got to skip school for “special occasions” — like to see the midnight premiere of Harry Potter. You got your books from a bookstore, not a library. You got to go back-to-school shopping for clothes every fall. You can count the number of times you‘ve been grounded on one hand. You got a homemade cake on your birthday. You had your own TV. You had your own cell phone in middle/high school. You never had to wear hand-me-downs or thrifted clothes. Your parents drove you to all of your practices/extracurricular activities. You never had to do your own laundry. You came home to a home-cooked dinner every night. You left a school assignment at home, so your parents brought it to school for you. You had help on big projects, like building a solar system diorama and stuff. You had private lessons for a musical instrument, singing, or a sport. You went on a family vacation every year. You visited a foreign country before high school. You weren‘t expected to hold a job during your high school years. You were driven to school instead of taking the bus. When you had an issue with a teacher, your parents emailed them directly. You had a big birthday party every year. You always had your own bedroom. You always had your own bathroom. Your extended family came to your graduation. You had a graduation party. You got a graduation present.

Were You Spoiled As A Kid Growing Up?

You sure weren‘t babied as a kid — and that‘s probably made you a hugely independent and well-adjusted person today. Or just kind of bitter. It‘s 50/50.

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Clearly your parents loved doting on you, but they didn‘t go totally overboard, either. Forward this result to them, and watch those parent points roll in.

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You were either the baby of the family, or your parents are some real MVPs and loved the shit out of you. Maybe give ‘em a call to say thanks?

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