Will technology Dictate strategy?

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After a year of technological disruptions that transformed consumer behaviour, experts discuss the likely scenario in 2018 and how companies can prioritise the necessary changes within to ensure all the moving parts of an organisation are in sync
Strategy has to take into account changes borne out by tech trends in 2018
Does technology dictate strategy? Any modern enterprise has today become short-term focused and managers focus on delivering quarterly profits. Targets for most organisations are at best annual and many managers carry quarterly and monthly targets and even incentives. Markets are highly dynamic, consumers and customer loyalty is waning towards brands, competitors are aggressive and value chains are collapsing. All this is happening at the back of innovation in all aspects of business, and technology is the catalyst of disruption and transformation.
Outsourcing and flexible work are set to grow in 2018
2017 was the year of the paradox as spoke about lack of talent and redundant job profiles in the same breath. As 2018 dawns upon us, it is critical to talk about the changing and point out the top trends for the year.
2018: Technology at play in more innovative ways than ever
We are living in dynamic times. The adage “nothing is permanent except change” is truer today than ever before. Technology, without doubt, has been playing a fundamental role in today’s transformative world. Every year, we witness newer forms of technology with old ones becoming obsolete faster. Some become buzzwords, some fizzle out, but the ones that change our lives for the better, stay with us. In 2017, many emerging technologies like cloud, predictive analytics, big data among others became mainstream. Let’s look at technologies I believe will further simplify and democratise technology access to you and me, create market disruption and improve business operations in 2018.
Digital will change in 2018
Digital technology has witnessed a dramatic growth, a rapid evolution and a total integration into everyone’s life. 2018 could be a year where perhaps the deepest impact of how consumers consume and marketers sell products and services may be felt.

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