Woman refuses to believe her jokester boyfriend‘s proposal

‘No you‘re NOT!‘ Woman REFUSES to believe her jokester boyfriend isn‘t pulling a prank on her when he drops to one knee and proposes

When a prankster boyfriend decided to pop the question to the love of his life, she knew him so well that she could not be convinced it was real.

Chelsea Newble, 23, was at the Santa’s Enchanted Forest theme park in Miami, , when her boyfriend Chris Morley, 24, suddenly dropped to one knee to pop the question. 

The big moment was caught on , showing Chelsea at a food stand at the park, holding a stuffed Scooby Doo doll and some cash for snacks.

She turns around and spots her boyfriend kneeling with a ring box held out towards her, but instead of bursting into a happy declaration of love or bursting into tears, she all but rolls her eyes. 

‘You’re so funny. You’re being so funny right now,‘ she says. ‘Are y’all serious. Are you being serious right now? No, you’re not.‘

She snatches the ring out of his hand, shoves him playfully on the shoulder and turns to her mother and best friend nearby saying: ‘Why is he fooling me right now?‘

As everyone around her looks at her with total seriousness, she almost wells up before shaking it off and once again insisting: ‘No you‘re not!‘

Finally, as her mom tells her to put on the ring, the gravity of the situation seems to overwhelm her and the tears start to flow. 

The video ends with Chris standing up to embrace his tearful fiance in a heartwarming moment. 

Speaking to , Chelsea explained her odd reaction, saying: ‘Him being a prankster, I thought he was playing, but when I like looked into his eyes, like, you could tell it was watering up.‘

She added: ‘I looked at the camera and, like, my mom and best friend [said], “Chelsea, it was real,” and he was real, and this was a real situation.‘

She also reveals that the pair have been dating for two years and will start planning the wedding after Chris goes up for NFL tryouts. 

The of the pair‘s proposal was posted to Chris‘ Facebook page, where he joked in the caption: ‘That moment when your girlfriend used to being pranked by you but you are dead a** serious!‘

The clip has warmed hearts all over the country, and has been viewed more than 10 million times and shared more than 130,000 times. 

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